After complaints, Anvisa guarantees that there was no failure in the filling of CoronaVac – Prime Time Zone


According to the regulatory agency, cases in which the multidose bottle yields less than 10 applications are related to the use of inappropriate syringes; at least 12 states have reported the problem

ALLISON SALES / FUTURA PRESS / ESTADÃO CONTENT Anvisa carried out inspection in the filling areas of CoronaVac and carried out extraction tests and evaluation of complaints related to syringes and needles

After complaints from at least 12 states, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) guaranteed, this Monday, 17th, that there was no technical failure in the filling of the vaccine do Butantan Institute and that each bottle actually contains the 10 expected doses. According to the regulatory agency, the problem is in the way that doses are being extracted, with the use of inappropriate syringes. The technical area informs that it is necessary to use 1 ml syringes. The use of larger 3 ml syringes, for example, would not be adequate. To reach this conclusion, Anvisa carried out an inspection in the filling areas of the CoronaVac and performed extraction tests and assessment of complaints regarding syringes and needles.

Still on Monday, the agency reported that it held a new meeting with the Butantan Institute to discuss the new version of the clinical protocol for human testing of the vaccine. Butanvac. This Wednesday there will be a new meeting to discuss the documents and requirements related to the production and quality control of the vaccine against Covid-19. To ensure authorization of the study in humans, the regulatory agency evaluates the research proposal and the data on the immunizer.

* With information from the reporter Luciana Verdolin