After Doria announces the 3rd dose schedule, the Ministry of Health says it will not guarantee vaccines – Prime Time Zone


Pasta informed that it will not guarantee doses for states and municipalities that do not follow the National Vaccination Operational Plan

YURI MURAKAMI/FOTOArena/ESTADÃO CONTENTThe Ministry of Health is expected to start applying the third dose on September 15

O Ministry of Health informed this Wednesday, 1st, that it will not guarantee doses of vaccines for States and municipalities that adopt different vaccine schedules than those defined by the National Plan for the Operation of Vaccination against Covid-19 (PNO). The statement came after the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), announce the schedule of the third dose of the immunizing agent for the elderly and immunosuppressed, which starts next Monday, 6. In a statement, the Ministry of Health said that the decisions on the application of booster doses for this public, reduction in the interval between doses, interchangeability of vaccines, vaccination of pregnant women and adolescents, among others, “are based on scientific evidence, extensive discussion among experts, epidemiological scenario, target population, availability of doses and authorization from regulatory bodies such as Anvisa .”

The folder also added that the changes in the PNO recommendations “may influence the safety and efficacy of vaccines in the population” and cause a lack of doses to complete the vaccination schedule in the country. The Ministry of Health had already announced the application of the third dose for the elderly and immunosuppressed. However, he established that the campaign will only start from September 15th. The reinforcement aims to increase protection against the disease amid the spread of Delta variant No brazil