After meeting, Biden and Merkel say China threatens democracy


After a meeting at the White House this Thursday, the 15th, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, and the chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, they said that the China threatens democracy in the world. At a press conference, the leaders also reinforced the unity of the two governments to deal with global challenges.

Merkel agreed with Biden’s assertion that China competes with both countries in several areas. The German also said that she supports the US in defending human rights.

According to the chancellor, Berlin and Washington need to lead the global competition in the technology area. She highlighted recent investments by the two governments in the production of semiconductor chips, whose shortages have affected global supply chains.

The White House chief said a declaration on democratic principles was signed by Merkel and him during the German visit to the White House. Mentioning China, the American president said that the situation in Hong Kong had deteriorated. “The Chinese government is not complying with the agreement,” Biden declared, referring to the relative independence that Beijing used to grant to the island’s representatives.

The Democrat also reinforced continued US support for the sovereignty of Ukraine, which has faced tensions with Russia. Biden’s position on the conflict in eastern Europe was supported by Merkel. The German said that her government will act together with Washington in case of violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Asked about the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the American expressed discomfort with the work, which runs from Germany to Russia, but said that construction was already advanced by the time he assumed the US presidency. Still, Biden said he wanted to help European energy sovereignty.

Climate issues were mentioned a number of times by leaders. Biden said the issue is a point of agreement between Washington and Berlin. Merkel pointed out that they both agreed on a global climate-focused infrastructure project, something that had been discussed at the G7.

The German said that it was necessary to do “everything possible” to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran, but suggested that the decision was currently in the hands of the Persian country.

The two leaders reinforced the need for global vaccination against covid-19, and Merkel cited an attempt to increase immunization production and support the Covax initiative. Regarding travel restrictions, the chancellor said that Germany assesses the impact of the delta variant of the coronavirus before taking any decision.

Biden says he is confident in an infrastructure project agreement

US President Joe Biden said on Thursday that he is confident he can reach an agreement to pass a bipartisan infrastructure project in Congress.

“I don’t believe he’s dead. I believe he’s still alive. I’m still confident that we’re going to achieve what I proposed,” said the president.

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