After replacing AstraZeneca, Paulistanos intensify their search for a vaccine from Pfizer – Prime Time Zone


Residents sought health centers to receive the second dose, but were not able to; capital awaits the arrival of a document officializing heterologous vaccination

EFE/EPA/Liam McBurney / POOL – 08/12/20

Many people from São Paulo sought the posts of vaccination this Saturday, 11, to take the Pfizer vaccine to replace the second dose of AstraZeneca. The possible combination of vaccines was announced by the government of São Paulo on Friday, the 10th, because of widespread shortages in the city of São Paulo. Professor Mariana de Souza says that her second dose has been delayed for over a week. Therefore, she went to the AMA unit in the Ipiranga district hoping to take the immunizing agent from Pfizer, but failed. “They said it is to wait, that the official document has not yet arrived to apply in place of the AstraZeneca. It was a lot [frustrada].”

As for the engineer Ezequiel Bertoldi Junior, the date to return to the health center was exactly this Saturday. He reports that he was not worried about the lack of AstraZeneca, as he believed he would be able to take the second dose of another brand. “It’s world indicating [a substituição], is missing AstraZeneca. In Rio they are applying and here they are doing you the favor of not applying. Today is the right day, I went to the queue map, I was having a second dose. I arrive here and have the whim of not being able to do it with Pfizer, this is absurd”, he says. The lack of doses of AstraZeneca vaccine happens after the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), manufacturer of the vaccine in Brazil, have problems with delayed arrival of raw material.

According to the health secretary of the city of São Paulo, Edson Appeared, the health posts have not yet started the replacement because the State has not made the decision official to the municipality. In addition to the document, the capital also expects a shipment from Pfizer for this demand. According to the state management, 400,000 doses of the immunizing agent are being delivered to municipalities for this purpose. The use of two different vaccines was approved by the scientific committee of the state government. The decision is based on studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) and guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

*With information from the reporter Carolina Abelin