After suspensions, European regulator confirms endorsement of AstraZeneca vaccine


EMA, the European Union’s drug regulator, reinforced its new vote of confidence for the AstraZeneca and Oxford University vaccine on Tuesday, after the agency’s experts analyzed suspicions that the vaccine could be causing clots in vaccinees .

According to the agency, there was no evidence that the cases of possible symptoms are related to the vaccine.

So far, no regulatory agency has called for the vaccine to be suspended, but decisions have been made by politicians. At least 20 countries, such as Germany, France, Italy and Portugal, have suspended vaccination with AstraZeneca in recent days, as a “precaution”, according to the governments. Regulatory agencies have been asking for vaccination not to be halted.

“We had large databases that showed safety and effectiveness in large populations,” said Emer Cooke, EMA’s executive director, at a new press conference this morning. “We remain convinced that the benefits outweigh the risks.”

The agency argues that over 17 million people have been vaccinated in the UK and the European Union and that cases of suspected side effects – a few dozen so far – they are appearing in the same proportion or even less than they would appear in unvaccinated portions of the population.

The United Kingdom, the country that has applied the vaccine the most and where the AstraZeneca / Oxford immunizer is the flagship of a successful vaccination program, has been the biggest supporter of the product, and says that no cases of problems have been found. related to the immunizer among those vaccinated in the country.

Ann Taylor, AstraZeneca’s medical director, also said in a note on Monday that “the number of cases of thromboembolic events reported in this group [que recebeu a vacina] is less than the hundreds of cases that would be expected in the general population “.