After the hottest day of the year, cold front arrives in São Paulo and drops temperatures – Prime Time Zone


After reaching maximums of 35ºC, thermometers drop to 13ºC as of this Wednesday; air humidity index increases

FÁBIO VIEIRA/FOTORUA/ESTADÃO CONTENTTemperatures are expected to drop to 13°C from this Tuesday

São Paulo registered the hottest day of the year this Monday, 20th, with an average of 37.7ºC, according to the National Institute of Meteorology (InMet). However, temperatures are expected to drop sharply from this Tuesday, with the arrival of a cold front the capital of São Paulo. With a maximum of 33°C during the afternoon, the thermometers should drop to 15°C at night, according to Emergency Management Center (CGE). There is also isolated rain forecast. The Civil Defense decreed a state of attention to low temperature throughout the city on Tuesday, and warns of air humidity below 30%, with the exception of the southern zone. On Wednesday 22, the first day of spring, the day will be cold, with cloudy skies and an average temperature of 13ºC. The maximum is only 20ºC. However, air humidity rates should increase to 50%. The climate should remain stable until Friday, when the high rises to 28ºC, but the low remains at around 12ºC.