“All of Cuba’s problems come from the embargo,” says Canel in a statement


Amid the protests in Cuba over the weekend, the country’s newly inaugurated president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, spoke to the country this Monday, 12, alongside ministers of his cabinet.

The agent again blamed the embargo on USA by the country’s economic crisis.

The shattered economy, with problems of lack of energy and food supply (Cuba imports most of the food), are among the main reasons that took protesters to the streets in protests this Sunday, 11.

Protests also called for the end of the regime that has reigned since 1959, with cries of “Down with the dictatorship” and “Freedom”. Reuters witnesses saw at least two dozen protesters arrested.

The Cuban president accused the US of paying influencers to speak to the population against the regime.

“We are observing that in recent weeks a campaign against the Cuban revolution has intensified on social media, around the problems and needs we are experiencing,” he said.