America is our enemy forever! We will increase our nuclear capability, said North Korean President Kim Warning. – kim jong un issue warning to us makes chilling claims about nuclear weapons


North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un seems to be on fire. To increase the power of their nuclear weapons ..,

North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un seems to be on fire. He warned the US that it would increase its nuclear capabilities, transform submarines into nuclear power systems, and that in the future it would be almost like a spear next to you. He says they have nothing to do with whoever comes to power in America, it is an enemy country to them. He said he would take revenge on the country when the time came. Peace talks between President Trump and Kim have failed in the past. Although Trump tried to quarrel with Kim, Kim stayed away from him. He did not even greet Joe Biden, the new president of the United States. Kim recently told a meeting of his country’s ruling Workers’ Party that he had recently made some mistakes and failed to do anything for his country’s economic development.

Such is he. The remarks come as Joe Biden steps into the US White House in a few days.
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