American nuclear submarine crashes into unidentified object in the China Sea – Young Pan


According to the US Navy, nuclear propulsion has not been affected and the incident will be investigated

Image bank/PixabayUS authorities have not identified the object the nuclear submarine crashed into in the China Sea and the case will be investigated

An American nuclear submarine crashed into an object not identified by US authorities. USA no South China Sea last Saturday, 02. The information was made public last Thursday, 07. In a brief statement in which few details were given, the Pacific Fleet said that the USS Connecticut it remains in “safe and stable” condition and the Seawolf-class submarine’s nuclear propulsion system has not been affected. Also according to the US Navy, there were no injuries in the incident. “The magnitude of the hit on the submarine is being analyzed,” says the statement, which adds that the situation will be investigated. According to the Associated Press, the exact location of the collision has yet to be specified.