Amidst the increase in the delta variant, Rio de Janeiro surpasses one million infected – Prime Time Zone


In the last 24 hours, there were 590 confirmed cases of coronavirus and seven new deaths

Pool / Latin America News Agency via Reuters ConnectState of Rio de Janeiro has more than 16 million inhabitants; so far, 7 million have taken at least one dose of the vaccine

O Rio de Janeiro reached on Monday, 19, the mark of one million people infected with the Covid-19 in this pandemic. Precisely, 1,000,496 cases have been counted so far. Only this Monday, there were more than 590 confirmed cases of coronavirus throughout the state. Now, Rio becomes the 7th Brazilian state with more cases. In the Southeast, the 3rd — behind Sao Paulo e Minas Gerais. As for the number of fatal victims, there are already more than 57,585. The good news is that on Monday there were only seven new deaths. Mobile media is stable, with a downward trend, in recent days. In addition, there was a reduction in hospitalizations in ward and ICU beds in the public network and a lower demand for emergency care.

The current concern is with the circulation of the Covid-19 delta variant. The State of Rio de Janeiro has registered, in recent days, many cases of the Indian variant — a cause for alert and concern, according to the state secretary of Health, Alexandre chieppe. He advocates speeding up vaccination to try to minimize the effects of the delta variant. “Ensuring better immunity for the population is absolutely essential at this time. Why is it essential at this time? It is now with the entry scenario of the Indian variant, the delta variant. The variant that is causing new transmission waves in Europe, with a characteristic of lower lethality, but with a significant number of cases.” The State of Rio de Janeiro has more than 16 million inhabitants. So far, 7 million have taken at least one dose of the vaccine. In addition, 2.8 million have already managed to complete the immunization cycle.

*With information from reporter Rodrigo Viga