An activist from Pankisi who opposes the construction of hydropower plants accuses a specific group of threats


Today Duisi village police of Akhmeta municipality In the building Temur Tsatiashvili, a civil activist from Pankisi and head of the non-governmental organization Reconciliation Alam, was interviewed. He opposes the construction of hydropower plants and “Rioni gorge guardsSIs supportive. Pankisi activist to a local group of supporters of the construction of hydropower plants Accuses him of threats and demands protection of family security from the state. An investigation is underway under the article of violence.

According to Temur Tsatiashvili, he is threatened because he held a rally in support of the “Rioni Gorge Defenders” in Pankisi together with a part of the villagers. At the same time, the rally reminded that the same problem still bothers Pankisi, where the construction of the hydroelectric power plant “Khadori Sam” is planned.

According to Tsatiashvili, he was threatened by three people who are in favor of building “Khadori Sam” in the gorge, however, due to the interests of the investigation, he does not name them at this stage.

As Tsatiashvili told RFE / RL, he was blocked on the eve and after the rally in support of the Rioni Gorge Defenders, and was warned that if he dared to hold a rally in support of the Rioni Gorge Defenders in Pankisi, he would run into problems.

Temur Tsatiashvili says he did not intend to spread the word, but after receiving threatening messages from the same group on the social network, his son appealed to the police to launch an investigation.

“The threatening words were like this: you will have big problems. In these words we can mean various kinds of threats. I did not say it directlyT.That you will kill, but they said, That I will run into big problems and this is an alarm signal. While we associate the names of the members of this group with the case of the murder of Visuri Mutoshvili, respectively, We have great doubts that we will take this threat seriously “, Temur Tsatiashvili told Radio Liberty.

The murder he is talking about took place in November 2019 in the village of Sakobiano. 37-year-old Viso Mutoshvili was killed during an armed conflict between young people. Three more people were injured.

According to one version, the confrontation that claimed Wiso’s life was a continuation of an earlier conflict between representatives of two families – the Mutoshvilis and the Kavtarashvilis. According to the second version, there was a difference of opinion caused by the construction of the HPP in the region. Arbi Kavtarashvili was sentenced to 11 years in prison for the murder of Viso Mutoshvili, and Ramaz Khangoshvili to 9 years in prison for attempted murder.

Temur Tsatiashvili, who is threatening him, was interrogated for the first time today by the Duisi police. According to the civil activist, now his main demand is to protect the safety of the family. His interests are defended by a lawyer from the Telavi office of the Young Lawyers’ Association, but he declined to comment, and Tsatiashvili himself received a clear promise from the police:

“They are ready to interrogate the persons whom I have already identified. I was told that the matter would be investigated. lets see, How events unfold. I hope, That the state in a particular situation does not hide the case and does not enter the shelf. also, Will honestly protect the safety of my family. In a specific situation, we do not demand the punishment of the perpetrator, the first requirement is the protection and security of my family. “.

Temur’s son Mariam Tsatiashvili arrived at the Duisi police today. It was he who informed the police that his father was being threatened. Like her father, Mary wants her family to be safe.

Mariam Tsatiashvili

Mariam Tsatiashvili

“We know that the members of the group who threatened the father are the perpetrators of the threat. That is why we ask first of all, Family Safety “.

According to Radio Liberty, Temur Tsatiashvili’s wife will be questioned about this case in the near future. Also, the Duisi police have identified the persons whom Temur Tsatiashvili accuses of threatening.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation under Article 151 of the Criminal Code, which implies threats. So far, the law enforcement agency has not said anything about how Temur Tsatiashvili and his family will be protected.