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Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday? Or does it always depend on where you work?

The pandemic brought about by the new coronavirus has brought many changes. In many contexts, including the world of work. O telecommuting it will not have come to stay in all companies, but it will have come to be the rule in many companies.

What can be guessed at – and what is already being practiced in many workplaces – is a mixed system: people work from home, when their position allows, and work at the company’s headquarters once a week, or a few times a week.

LinkedIn, for example, has published a study that reveals that employers want to see workers in the office, at the very least, once or twice a week; more than a third of owners want to experience employee presence three or four days a week.

And what will be the workers’ favorite day to go to the office? The magazine Wired searched for an answer, which is not easy to find.

Climbing Trees is a company specializing in digital marketing. Its owner, Alex Holliman, had the feeling that together its 10 employees are happy at work and are better able to exchange ideas; at the same time, I had the feeling that the same employees prefer to stay at home most days. Alex then created a survey, in which he asked the workers which day they prefer to leave the house to go to the company’s headquarters. Answer: wednesday.

There is an old, widespread idea that people work more and better at the beginning of the week. Therefore, it is expected that many will want to go to the office on Monday or Tuesday, because productivity decreases as Saturday approaches.

But there is a problem: a scientific study has shown that it is also at the beginning of the week that workers are more obnoxious and create more conflicts with coworkers. The week goes by and the weather is softening.

Returning to LinkedIn numbers, whoever visits the company three times a week should be divided into groups: whoever goes on Monday, Tuesday and Friday; who leaves home on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; and who prefers Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

four day weekend

And there will also be a seductive option for workers: going to the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, always having a four day weekend.

The surveys carried out by LinkedIn also indicated that the days with the most movement at company headquarters are Monday and Tuesday.

But, as expected, these statistics are highly dependent on where you work. The Freespace company, focused on technological solutions, placed around 100,000 sensors spread across 36 countries. In the UK the busiest day is Thursday, while Monday and Friday were the emptiest days – data that intersect with the solution of going to the office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

And the contexts are different and give rise to several questions: what are the preferred days of workers to go to the office? What are the bosses’ favorite days? What kind of projects are there in the company? When is the best time of week to be more productive? What is the family background of each worker?

As there is not an equal answer for everyone, PwC, a company known in the world of auditing, consulting and taxation, indicated to superiors: meet in person with the other workers when it’s best for you. Choose.

At Words + Pixels, the public relations agency, employees indicated that they wanted to go to headquarters twice a week, without specifying the days. Company founder Nick Braund made the rule: Come to work on Monday to set priorities for this week. They tried to impose a system of consecutive days in the company but people “hated it”. The solution was: Monday and Thursday at headquarters; to Monday to define the week, on thursday to analyze the work this week. Nick Braund sees a downside to these new work routines: “We’ve lost focus.”

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