Another Complaint to the CEC over “Bloody Banners” – What Not to Miss on September 20


After ISFED, Droa Movement filed a complaint against the CEC with bloody banners. According to the leader of the movement Elene Khoshtaria, their lawsuit concerns the violation of the law on the reference to the author and circulation of the agitation material. “Kaladze is trying to distance himself from these banners and at the same time it is absolutely clear that it is printed by” Georgian Dream “. Therefore, let them be kind and at least formally enforce the law, or acknowledge that it is theirs … “- said Elene Khoshtaria. Earlier, the non-governmental organization “Legal Elections” (ISFED) filed a complaint with the CEC. The organization also plans to apply to the State Audit Office to make the agency interested in the transparency of the funding sources for these banners. Georgian Dream denies connection with banners. Two days ago, Kakha Kaladze, Tbilisi mayoral candidate of the Georgian Dream, commented: “Everyone has the right to express themselves within the law. “Alma is the company that owns these banners and they make the decisions,” he said. “Revolutionary Scenario” and accuses it of creating a problem for the self-government elections. For example, the number of voters in Mtatsminda, the voter turnout in Saburtalo is reduced by 2.5 times compared to the voter turnout in Mtatsminda, as both constituencies elect one MP to the Tbilisi Sakrebulo. A. is done on behalf of an NGO. “It is worrying that two weeks before the elections, an organization with the status of a non-governmental organization is planning to create a problem for the elections with a new absurd claim,” Irakli Kobakhidze, the party’s chairman, said at a briefing on September 19. Nika Simonishvili, chairman of the Young Lawyers’ Association, called the legal nonsense the idea that the lawsuit might jeopardize the election. Read more. Elections in Russia: Citizens Report Violations on Social Media Yesterday was the last day of the three-day parliamentary elections in Russia. Prior to the announcement of the results, information about mass violations had already been spread. There was pressure on members of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s movement. Everyone expects that the ruling party “United Russia” will win the parliamentary elections again. After the government cracked down on critical voices, the Kremlin’s vocal critics were removed from the ballots, and there was pressure on the independent media. In this election, however, the party is in danger of losing a decisive majority in the legislature. Pre-election polls suggest his popularity has fallen by about 30 percent. Read more. Metropolitan Stefane expels 6 “rebellious” clergymen from the church Metropolitan Stefane Kalaijishvili of Chkondidi has stripped six clergymen of the same diocese who supported his predecessor, Petre Tsaava, of his priesthood. These are: Purchased Ghudushauri – Deacon Peter; Secretary Michael – nun Athenogenes; Tariel Gvilava – Nun Daniel; Tamaz Khulukhia – Nun Ambrose; Bachuki Khelaia – Nun David; Bata (Avtandil) Gvilava – nun Basil; “The monastic vows were broken every day,” the metropolitan said after the Sunday service in Martvili, adding: “I did not make this decision hastily or carelessly. I tried a lot and I had the opportunity to communicate in person many times and they did not listen to me. ” Metropolitan Stephen, after becoming the high priest of Chkondidi, imposed the sentence on up to 20 clergymen. Read more. Unprofessional astronauts return safely from Earth Four unprofessional astronauts on a SpaceX Inspiration 4 mission have returned safely to Earth and landed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida. The SpaceX capsule in which the astronauts were sitting landed in the water on September 18, ending the first three-day voyage in which civilians were launched into Earth orbit. Unprofessional astronauts were sent into space on September 15 from NASA’s Kennedy Center. The whole trip was fully automated. This trip represents another breakthrough in the development of space tourism. The three-day space mission Inspiration 4 had a charitable purpose – to raise $ 200 million for a Memphis Children’s Hospital. As a child, crew member Haley Arseno was cured of cancer at this clinic. Read more. Rusudan Maisuradze: “Before We Goed to Court, We Asked Netflix to Apologize to Nona Gaprindashvili” Nona Gaprindashvili v. Netflix BLB is defending the interest of the legendary Georgian chess player together with one American law firm. The lawsuit was filed in a California state court on September 16 and the filmmakers are being asked to pay $ 5 million in damages to the legendary Georgian chess player. Gaprindashvili’s advocates are convinced that Netflix did not make a mistake. He deliberately distorted the truth and thus humiliated the best female athlete of Georgia in the twentieth century. In the final episode of the TV series, commentator Nona Gaprindashvili says that she is the world champion among women, but she has never confronted men. “Nona Gaprindashvili has played against men many times and this was written in the novel that the filmmakers used as a script. “Unfortunately, the viewers were still given false information,” said Rusudan Maisuradze, BLB’s partner, in an interview with Radio Liberty. Read more in Otar Maghlakelidze’s article. Hundreds of millions of dollars in sewage loans – .The state borrows money but cannot spend it. Ა Because of him, millions of GEL are fined. One of the main reasons for all this is corruption. .