Anvisa authorizes clinical study of drug against Covid-19 cited by Bolsonaro – Prime Time Zone


Proxalutamide is an antiandrogen studied as a possible treatment for prostate and breast cancer; on Sunday, the president said he would request a survey of the drug to Conep

BRUNO ROCHA/FRAME/ESTADÃO CONTENT – 07/18/2021President Jair Bolsonaro was discharged from Vila Nova Star hospital on the morning and Sunday, 18

A National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) authorized this Monday, 19, conducting a clinical study to assess the safety and efficacy of the drug proxalutamide in reducing the viral infection caused by coronavirus and in the inflammatory process caused by Covid-19. The remedy was cited by the president Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday morning, 18, after being discharged from the Vila Nova Star hospital, in the South Zone of Sao Paulo. The Chief Executive was hospitalized for five days to treat an intestinal subclosion. On leaving the hospital, Bolsonaro said he was studying materials the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on comorbidities that can cause a worsening of the disease and also cited another drug, still ineffective against Covid-19, which can reduce the severity of the infection.

“There’s something I’ve been following for some time, and we have to study here in Brazil, which is proxalutamide. It has not been on the market for about three months, which is a drug still under study, but some countries have already shown improvement [com o uso]. And this exists in Brazil in a way that has not yet been scientifically proven, in a non-legal way, but it has cured people. I want to see if Conep (National Research Ethics Commission) does a study on this there”, said the president. Proxalutamide is an antiandrogen studied as a possible treatment for prostate and breast cancer. The research approved by Anvisa is Phase 3, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to assess the substance’s efficacy and safety in male outpatients with mild-to-moderate Covid-19. The study is sponsored by the company Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in China, and will be carried out in Germany, Argentina, South Africa, Ukraine, Mexico, United States and Brazil, in which 12 volunteers from the state of Roraima and 38 from São Paulo will participate.