Archery attack in Norway causes five dead. Suspect showed signs of radicalization


Attack in Norway causes several deaths and injuries

Police believe that the suspect acted alone, so no searches are being made to locate more involved. During the detention, agents were also reported to have been hit.

O 37 year old Danish citizen which Norwegian authorities suspect were the perpetrator of last night’s attack in the city of Kongsberg, which resulted in the death of five people and no wound of two others, showed signs of radicalization in the recent past, Ole Bredrup Sæverud, commander of the local police, advanced at a press conference. The man, who will have recently converted to Islam, was detained after the attack.

“There were previous calls from this individual, who had already been convicted of other crimes, to a radicalized Islamic regime but pointing out a reason for what happened would be complicated… and it will take time,” explained Sæverud. The responsible also stated that the suspect – previously implicated in crimes of theft and possession of drugs – has already admitted the authorship of the crime. In the past, a restraining order would have been applied to him that prevented him from approaching a family after threaten to kill one of its members.

Investigations are now focused on finding out whether or not the attack had terrorist motivations.

Among the victims are four women e a man, all aged between 50 and 70 years. You two injured — one of them a police officer who was not on duty — are currently interned in units of intensive care, not being known their health condition or the severity of the injuries.

The shootings will have taken place in distinct locations from the city of Kongsberg, but the deaths occurred mainly in a supermarket, explained the police. The local media are advancing that, in addition to the bow and arrows, the author of the attack will also have used other weapons. During his detention, the author was involved in clashes with the police, although not many details related to the interaction are known other than that the agents were also hit by arrow shots, writes The Guardian.

As deaths they will also have happened only after the attacker had confronted the police and managed to escape, with the authorities lose your trail.

Øyvind Aas, spokesman for the local police, said, in the hours following the attack, that more details would be provided during the next days, when the authorities themselves have more information about what happened. “This is a situation very serious and very extensive which naturally affects the city of Kongsberg and everyone who lives in it”, he declared. For now, the police believe that the individual acted by myself, so no searches are being made to find others involved.

Jonas Gahr Støre, the elected prime minister who is due to take office today, called the attack “awful.” “this is unreal. But the reality is that five people have been killed, many are injured and many others are in shock“, he said to the Norwegian channel NRK.

Kongsberg is a city with approximately 26 thousand inhabitants which is located 66 kilometers southwest of Oslo, the capital of Norway.

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