Argentine opposition triumphs over Peronists in legislative primary


The main opposition party of Argentina gave a hard lesson to the ruling Peronists on Sunday, winning crucial contests in a legislative primary vote that is a blunt early indicator of how voters will vote in November’s midterm elections.

The conservative opposition led by about 5 percentage points in the core province of Buenos Aires — about 84% of the ballots counted in the populous region that is a bastion of support for the center-left government of Alberto Fernández.

Other mandatory election results showed the ruling party falling behind. If this were repeated in the November 14 election, the government could lose its majority in the Senate and risk being deprived of its larger minority position in the Chamber of Deputies.

“The ruling party lost 1.2 million votes compared to (the presidential election) in 2019; this puts it at a level that, if repeated in November, leaves Alberto Fernández very weakened,” said Mariel Fornoni, director of consultancy Management & Fit.