At the current rate of vaccination, the pandemic ends in 7 years (but before Brazil)


This is because, until now, the daily rate of vaccination is at 4.7 million doses applied per day, according to a count made by Bloomberg. In your tracker daily with the count of vaccinated people in the world, the agency points out that, at this rate, would take 6.7 years so that humanity could achieve the so-called “herd immunity”, with 75% of the population immunized.

The delay in vaccination is expected to affect some countries much more than others. Countries in the southern hemisphere, such as in South America, Africa and part of Asia are far behind in the number of daily doses applied in comparison with countries like the USA, Israel and some countries in Europe – although vaccination is also considered below the expected in those places.

Israel is the country that has most vaccinated its population in percent so far: it has reached almost 60 doses of the vaccine applied per 100 inhabitants (between first and second doses). Of that group, more than 37% of Israelis took at least the first dose.