Attack in Santa Catarina: ‘Each victim was wounded with at least five machete blows’, says police – Prime Time Zone


According to investigators, the perpetrator of the crime is a ‘troubled boy, who is still in high school and bullied at school’

Image: ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO – WILLIAN RICARDOThe attack on a daycare center left five dead – three children and two professionals from the institution

An attack on a daycare center caused the death of five people in the municipality of Saudades, in the west of Santa Catarina, this Tuesday, 4. The young Fabiano Kipper Mai, 18 years old, had two bladed weapons during the attack against the children and employees. After committing the crime, Fabiano tried to commit suicide with machete blows, but was rescued, underwent surgery and is not at risk of death. In a press conference this afternoon, the authorities clarified that all the fatal victims were injured with at least five machete blows. “From a quick examination of the bodies, I found that all the victims received at least five machete blows. The teacher, who died on the spot, was stabbed by two blows to the right leg, one to the left leg, four to the back and one to the left arm. The other daycare worker was rescued, but died in the hospital due to two injuries to her abdomen. The children had more injuries. One of them had five perforations in the back, one in the chest and two in the head. Another of them was hit three times in the abdomen, twice in the chest and once in the back. In the last child, two injuries were found on the back, one on the buttocks, two on the chest and one on the abdomen, ”said one of the investigators responsible for the case.

Among the dead students were Anabela, Sara Luisa and Murilo, who would complete two years in the second half of 2021. The first one to be attacked in the action was teacher Keli Adriane Aniecviski, 30 years old. Young Mirla Renner, who turned 20 in January, was the other employee killed in the massacre. The motivation for the crime has not yet been discovered, but the delegate general of the Civil Police of Santa Catarina, Paulo Norberto Koerich, revealed that the profile of the criminal may indicate clues about the factors that led him to commit the tragedy. “Over the next few days, we will try to draw a more complete profile of the perpetrator of the crime. However, we already know that this young man is a troubled boy, who is still in high school and suffers bullying at school. According to his family, because of bullying, the young man did not want to go to school recently. He is very introspective, he didn’t used to open up to anyone, he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he didn’t used to go out to parties, he didn’t talk much and, in the last few days, he had distanced himself from the few friends he has. The criminal’s family is very humble, he did not know how to talk or approach this young man who was facing psychological problems ”, explained the delegate general of the Civil Police of Santa Catarina, Paulo Norberto Koerich, in a press conference this afternoon. According to Koerich, the sword used in the crime was recently acquired.

“He recently purchased the two bladed weapons he used in the action. Asked by his sister what the instruments would be used for, Fabiano replied – jokingly, that he would use to mistreat a family animal. Certainly, no one imagined that he would do this atrocity. Until then, he was a problematic young man, but within normal limits ”, analyzed the delegate-general. At the criminal’s house, the police found R $ 11,000 in cash. The money saved by Fabiano is the result of his work in a company located in Saudades. “He was not known to the police, he had no ticket, nothing like that. Nowadays, unfortunately, parents do not know what happens to their children. We still work with several hypotheses to understand what led him to commit the crime. He took two bladed weapons to the nursery, one bigger and one smaller. However, he used only one of them in the attack. ” At the time of the massacre, about 30 people were in the institution. According to Koerich, the criminal wanted to reach more children, but failed because the other teachers locked themselves in time with the students in the classrooms. For the authorities, there is no indication that there are other criminals involved in the action.

Also present at the press conference, the governor of Santa Catarina, Daniela Reinehr, stressed that the victims’ families can count on the support of the State. “In particular, it is up to us to offer solidarity and support to families in this painful moment. In addition, it is also up to us to ensure agility in the release of bodies so that families can say goodbye in a dignified manner. There is no way to bring it back, nothing we do will compensate for the pain, but we are looking to help in the best way ”, said the governor. Right now, the bodies of the five victims are in the morgue of the Hospital Regional do Oeste, located in Chapecó, and must be released for burial at 10 pm this evening.