Awesome at the Peru Zoo .. Artificial insemination Cinnamon Crocodile


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: A Revolution in the Medical History of Artificial Insemination. Scientists are creating new wonders at a time when technology is breaking new ground. In addition, new innovations in the field of medicine are emerging. Scientists are conducting research to save many endangered species of animals and organisms from around the world. Part of it is the emergence of ‘Artificial Insemination’.

In addition to conserving endangered species, scientists are using the process extensively to create a new species. The process is currently showing successful results. There are many experiments being done on animals around the world. In addition, artificial insemination has been successful in humans. It is no exaggeration to say that many parents who do not have children believe in this process. Many celebrities and adults in our country have had healthy children through this. There have been many movies on this. In India, however, scientists are increasingly following this process in animal husbandry, especially in the development of high-yielding livestock.

A crocodile was first experimented with at the Zoo in Peru recently and gave birth artificially. The crocodile then laid 24 eggs and stored them in an incubation for 90 days. However, zoo officials said only two children survived and the rest died. In order to develop the crocodiles of the American breed, their ‘semen’ was applied to the female crocodile in the zoo. Zoo operators say the newborn crocodiles are not only healthy but also weigh 45 grams and stand 35 centimeters long.

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