Ayuso smashes left in Madrid and Iglesias abandons politics – ZAP


EPA / Mariscal

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the president of the Community of Madrid, re-elected by the PP in the elections of 4 May 2021.

The Popular Party (PP) achieved a significant victory in Madrid’s regional elections, winning more parliamentary seats than the entire left combined and consolidating the power of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. On the far left, Pablo Iglesias, of Unidas Pode, leaves politics.

With 97% of the votes counted, the PP is the big winner in the elections for the Assembly of the Community of Madrid. But it is necessary to personalize the triumph in the PP candidate, Isabel Díaz Ayuso who, two years ago, she was “an absolute stranger”, but which is now “consolidated as an authentic political phenomenon”, as El País notes.

Ayuso’s PP has more parliamentary seats than the three left-wing parties combined and will thus be able to govern without the support of the far-right Vox.

A right manages to add 78 seats (65 from PP and 13 from Vox) against 58 from the left (24 from PSOE, 24 from Más Madrid and 10 from Pode), according to El País accounts.

In the May 2019 elections, Ayuso became president of the Madrid region thanks to a “Contraption” with Citizens (right-liberal) and with the parliamentary support of Vox, after the PSOE was the most voted party.

In mid-March of this year, Ayuso dissolved the regional parliament and ended the alliance with Citizens, calling early elections.

A masterstroke by the president of the Community of Madrid that managed to capitalize on the popularity gathered among a part of the city’s population.

Socialists with historic defeat

The Socialist Party (PSOE) is the great loser of the elections, having lost 13 regional deputies compared to the last vote.

This result is also a setback for the socialist prime minister Pedro Sánchez who leads a left-wing coalition with Unidas Pode in the national government.

This is the worst result in the history of Spanish socialists who were behind Más Madrid, with a difference of about 2,000 votes. Más Madrid is now the most voted political force on the left.

Pedro Sánchez has already congratulated Ayuso for the “great result” achieved. “The polls gave Ayuso a great result and, above all, a great responsibility. Congratulations ”, points out the Spanish Prime Minister on his Twitter profile.

As for the remaining electoral results, Citizens are left out of the Assembly and the Vox is the fourth force in the Community of Madrid, by electing 13 regional deputies, one more than two years ago.

The far-left coalition United we can, with Pablo Iglésias as a candidate, the total number of parliamentary seats increased from seven to 10.

Pablo Iglesias announces withdrawal from politics

After the evident success of the right in the Madrid regional elections, and despite the United We may even have managed to improve the vote two years ago, Pablo Iglesias announced that he is retiring from politics.

I abandon all my places, I will leave politics in the sense of party politics ”, Iglesias pointed to a group of activists from his party, after knowing the result of the regional elections in Madrid.

Pablo Iglesias is the leader of the United We Can and was vice president in the Government Sánchez minority, having left the executive in March to run for the Madrid regional elections.