‘Banana peel’ or ‘jabuticaba’, says Bolsonaro about an excerpt of the budget that deals with the expansion of the electoral fund – Prime Time Zone


Accused by the president of not putting the spotlight on the vote, deputy Marcelo Ramos said that it was the government who sent the LDO with the proposal of ‘fundão’ to Congress

DIDA SAMPAIO/ESTADÃO CONTENTThe president defended the parliamentarians by saying that “everyone is being unfairly accused of having voted for Fundão” and stated that he will not authorize the expansion of resources for candidates for the elections

Upon being discharged this Sunday morning, 18, President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) spoke about the controversy surrounding the approval of the 2022 Budget Guidelines Law in relation to the expansion of resources destined to the Special Fund for Campaign Financing – the so-called Electoral Fund. According to the president, the person responsible for approving the highlight (excerpt from the main text of a bill that is “withdrawn” for later voting) dealing with the increase in the amount from R$ 2 billion to R$ 5.7 billion would be the Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies Marcelo Ramos (PL-AM). “In a huge project, someone put this ‘banana peel’ or this ‘jabuticaba’ in there. The parliament found out, tried to call for the vote to be by roll call for that question, and the president [da sessão] Marcelo Ramos do Amazonas… For God’s sake, the State of Amazonas has a parliamentarian like this. He ran over, ignored, ran over and didn’t put the prominence to the vote”, said Bolsonaro.

The president defended the parliamentarians by saying that “all of them are being unfairly accused of having voted for this Fundão” and stated that he will not authorize the expansion of resources for candidates for the elections. “We’ll try to give it a good end. After all, I already anticipate, R$ 6 billion for the electoral fund, for God’s sake. Six billion in the hand of Tarcisio [Gomes de Freitas, ministro da Infraestrutura], he would rehabilitate a large part of the road network in Brazil. Six billion in the hands of Rogério Marinho [ministro do Desenvolvimento Regional], he would complete water to the Northeast. Now this all goes to the budget, which we have a ceiling. More and more I have fewer resources to invest. Who loses with this is the entire population. And the good parliamentarian does not need money to campaign”.

Deputy Marcelo Ramos, in turn, defended himself on social networks. “Jair Bolsonaro
you know you’re lying! His government sent LDO with electoral background. Government leaders and Bolsonaro sons voted in favor of the fundão. I didn’t even vote because I was chairing the session. President, you have the pen to veto. Be a man, assume your responsibilities!”, he published. “He should say he’s going to veto it, but he’s going to try to find someone to hold him accountable too, because it’s typical of him and his children to run from their responsibilities and obligations,” added Ramos. Congressman Rodrigo Maia also spoke. “We are going to wait for the LDO’s sanction to see if President Bolsonaro is telling the truth or just trying to transfer responsibility. Bolsonaro will have the opportunity to veto the article on the electoral fund”.

Irregular negotiation of vaccines

The president also commented on accusations that former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello had participated in negotiations with businessmen who wanted to sell doses of CoronaVac at prices three times higher than normal, shortly before he left office. Asked about the matter, the president replied that “all of you there were pressing us for vaccines, so a lot of people were received in the ministry. You’ve seen Pazuello’s own outfit, he’s, if I’m not mistaken, without a jacket. Those people met with the director responsible for possible purchases there at the Ministry and when he left [Pazuello] talked to the staff. That video, if it was a secret, trading something overpriced, would he be doing an interview, my God in heaven? Or would it be hiding in the basement of the ministry?” he asked.