Biden has nominated John Bass for the post of Deputy Secretary of State


Former US Ambassador to Georgia John Bass has been nominated for the post of Deputy Secretary of State. President Biden nominated Bass on July 21, the White House said in a statement.

John Bass served as US Ambassador to Georgia from 2009-2012. Bass is now a senior adviser to the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute.

The career diplomat has previously served as an ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Turkey and Georgia. In the past, among other issues, Bass has focused on supporting the U.S. government’s efforts against terrorism and instability in Iraq, Syria, and Southwest Asia. He has served in seven U.S. missions abroad, including leading the reconstruction team at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. In addition, he was the Executive Secretary of the State Department and at various times held various senior positions in the State Department, “- said in a statement the White House.

John Bass, after being nominated by the President, must be approved by the Senate for the position of Deputy Secretary of State.

This week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee heard the nominee for Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Karen Donfried spoke about Georgia in response to Senator Rish’s question.