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Biden provides vaccines for all adults before the end of May


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The President of the United States, Joe Biden

Joe Biden ensures that by May the country will have enough vaccines against covid for all adults in the country, two months ahead of schedule.

The President of the USA has announced that by the end of May the country will have enough vaccines for all adults, about 300 million people. In your account Twitter, Biden says that “efforts to increase production” will allow the initial deadline to vaccinate most Americans by two months.

The Democrat also addressed each American state to give priority to the education sector in the vaccination plan. “We want every teacher, school assistant and anyone who works with children to receive at least one dose of the vaccine by the end of this month,” says one tweet de Biden, before concluding that: “It is time to treat education as the essential service that it is”.

The US president’s announcement comes after the White House reported on a new partnership between Merck and Johnson & Johnson – whose vaccine has just received an emergency authorization from the U.S. drug regulator – to increase vaccine production.

You The US thus anticipates the vaccination schedule for May when the initial expectation was for July, while the European Union maintains the goal of having the majority of European adults (70%) vaccinated by the end of the summer.

China wants to vaccinate 40% of the population by June

The leader of the group of experts linked to the National Health Commission, Zhong Nanshan, said the country had distributed 52.52 million doses of vaccines for covid-19 until February 28.

It is the first target that China has publicly set since it began its mass immunization campaign for at-risk groups in mid-December.

China inoculated only 3.56% of its population, 1.4 billion people to date, according to Zhong.

The country has approved four vaccines, all developed by Chinese pharmaceutical companies. These pharmaceutical companies have assured that they can manufacture 2.6 billion doses by the end of this year. Still, vaccinating China’s entire population poses a challenge.

Even with a vaccination rate of 10 million people a day, it would take about seven months to vaccinate 70% of the country’s population, noted Zhang. All experts also recognized the complex task of vaccinating the world’s population.

The head of the China Disease Control Center, Gao Fu, predicted that life could recover “some normality” in the summer of next year.

Gao, along with Zhong and other Chinese health experts, called for more cooperation between the U.S. and China.

Gao specifically asked the United States and China to cooperate through COVAX, a United Nations initiative to distribute vaccines more fairly across the developing world. “We are going to work together”, he appealed.

Angola starts vaccinating 300,000 against covid-19

According to the Express, Angola became the third African country and the first in the Portuguese-speaking world to receive a vaccine against covid-19. On Tuesday the first batch of 624,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine arrived.

On the same day, around 312 thousand people began to be immunized. Inoculation is done in two doses with an interval of six eight weeks.

The plan foresees, in a first phase, vaccination by 20% of the population by June, that is, about 6.4 million people. The provinces of Luanda, Benguela and Cabinda, as they are the most affected by the coronavirus, will be a priority.

On Tuesday, the African Union Commissioner for Trade and Economic Development, Albert Muchanga, said the goal is to have 60% of Africans vaccinated by June, recognizing that the economic situation on the continent is “very difficult”.

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