Biden reverses Trump policy that discriminated against LGBTQ + community


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The President of the United States, Joe Biden

The Biden administration announced on Monday that it will protect homosexuals and transsexuals from health discrimination by reversing the policies implemented by the predecessor executive, led by Trump, who restricted the rights of these citizens.

The White House decision is the Democrat’s latest breakthrough Joe Biden in protecting and guaranteeing the rights of homosexual and transsexual citizens, from the performance of military service, to housing and even to job opportunities.

The policy announced by the Department of Health and Human Services prohibits any discrimination in health care for homosexual and transsexual citizens.

Management led by Donald Trump until January 2020 it had defined “sex” as that which was attributed at birth, thus excluding transsexuals from this protection.

“Fear in relation to discrimination can lead individuals to neglect care [de saúde], which can have serious negative consequences (…). Everyone, including the LGBTQ + community, must have access to health care, free from discrimination and interference, ”said the head of the Department of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra.

In a statement addressed to the American medical community, the American Medical Association stated that the Biden administration “Did the right thing” by ending “a dark chapter in which a federal agency sought to remove civil rights protection”.

Biden accuses group in Russia of computer attack

Joe Biden on Monday accused a criminal group based, he said, in the Russian Federation, of committing a computer attack that paralyzed one of the largest pipeline operators in the country.

The net “Darkside is responsible for putting the Colonial Pipeline networks in danger ”, had begun by estimating the federal police (FBI, in the acronym in English), in a statement.

“Right now, our information services have no proof of Russian involvement, ”Biden then said.

But “there are elements that show that those involved and the ransomware are in Russia, ”he added.

One ransomware, also known as software extortion, is a computer program that exploits security flaws to encrypt computer systems and requires a ransom (‘ransom’) to unlock them.

An attack of this type targeted the main fuel distributor in the USA, society Colonial Pipeline, which transports gasoline and diesel from Texas refineries to the New York area and manages over 8,000 kilometers of pipelines.

To protect its infrastructure, the company had shut down all operations on Friday, creating risks for oil supplies in the northeastern United States.

The situation remains “in flux”, wrote the company, which intends to reopen its network “in phases” with the aim of restoring the essentials of its activities by the end of the week.

The Darkside group appeared in 2020 and specialized in attacks with ransomware to large and medium-sized companies, which it required hundreds of thousands – millions of dollars, inclusive – to unlock their systems.

In passing, it seizes the victims’ confidential data, mainly based in Western countries, threatening them with disclosure if the ransom is not paid.

Darkside members guarantee not having political motivations, nor ties to any government.

But numerous analysts suspect that Darkside is acting in conjunction with the Russian Federation. “We think it operates (and is even protected) by Russia,” wrote on Twitter, Dmitri Alperovitch, an expert in computer security, founder of the company Crowdstrike.

Another cybersecurity expert, Brett Callow, from Emisoft, on television NBC, stressed that Darkside software does not work on computers that have, by definition, Russian or other Eastern European languages ​​on their systems.

Without commenting on this, Biden’s cybersecurity adviser, Anne Neuberger, considered, during a press conference at the White House, that Darkside’s method was “very disturbing”. In his words, Darkside “essentially provides a service” – its ‘ransomware’ – to hackers, then shares in the gains, he described.

Although these attacks mainly target the private sector, they pose a national security problem, added Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, Biden’s deputy national security adviser.

“These events highlight the fact that our vital infrastructures are operated, in essence, by the private sector”, he stressed. “When these companies are attacked, they are our first line of defense. We depend on its effectiveness ”.