Biden says US can use technology to ‘restore’ internet in Cuba – Prime Time Zone


President affirmed that the country is a ‘failed state’ and that the Americans could help the Cuban people

EFE / EPA / Alex Edelman / POOLDemocrat also said he is ready to send “a significant amount” of Covid-19 vaccines to Cuba

O president of the United States, Joe Biden, said this Thursday, 15, that Cuba it is a “failed state” and is not considering sending support to the island at this time, as remittances could be confiscated. According to him, the country “is repressing the citizens” and the Americans could help the Cuban people, but that would require a guarantee that the government would not take advantage of the situation. The Democrat also said he is ready to send “a significant amount” of vaccines against Covid-19 to the island, which is experiencing an increase in coronavirus infections, but only if an international organization distributed them. Joe Biden also stated that the United States is considering whether to use technology to restore the Internet access in Cuba, where authorities have restricted the connection after historic government protests.

The statements were made during a press conference at the White House alongside the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, with whom he met earlier. Merkel and Biden discussed the patent break of vaccines, a position defended by USA. The chancellor argued that suspending patents would not be effective and could hamper future research and development efforts. The two heads of state also pledged to work together to defend themselves against Russian aggression and counteract undemocratic actions by China. Joe Biden and Angela Merkel also promised to strengthen ties between the two countries going forward.

*With information from the reporter Letícia Santini