Big John, the world’s largest Triceratopes dinosaur, will be auctioned


The skeleton of the largest Triceratopes dinosaur known to date will be on display in Paris before its auction in October, auction house Drouot said on Tuesday.

The skeleton, about eight meters long, has three horns on its head—one on its nose and two on its forehead—and is therefore known as triceratopes.

Big John, as they call him, is around 66 million years old and will be on display from October 18th at Drouot, the well-known Parisian auction house, until it is auctioned on October 21st.

According to the AFP, the estimated price is between 1.2 and 1.5 million euros, although auctions of this type of dinosaur are unpredictable.

The gigantic skull is two meters wide and the structure has about 200 bones, which on Tuesday were already being assembled in Drouot.

Big John, whose skeleton is 60% complete and head 75%, was discovered in 2014 in South Dakota by the American geologist Walter W. Stein Bill and restored in the Italian city of Trieste.

In October of last year, an unusual skeleton of an allosaur, one of the oldest known dinosaurs, was sold for over 3 million euros.