Bolsonaro returns to talk about intention to appoint evangelical minister to STF – Prime Time Zone


In a conversation with supporters, the president recalled that, if reelected, he could still choose two other members for the Court

WALLACE MARTINS / FUTURA PRESS / ESTADÃO CONTENTBolsonaro returned to talk about the possible appointment of a ‘terribly evangelical’ minister to the Supreme Court

In a conversation with supporters this Tuesday, 11, the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, spoke again about the possible appointment of a ‘terribly evangelical’ minister for the Supreme Federal Court (STF). When asked about the promise, the representative also recalled that, if reelected, he may appoint two other members to the Court. “Whoever is elected in 2022 indicates two more. From 11 he gets four, almost half ”, he said in conversation with those present. The president also spoke about the manifestations in support of the government that have been taking place across the country. He complained that the protests have not been reported by major media outlets and said that requests for military intervention they are, in fact, made by leftist militants.

“For what military intervention if I am already president. There has to be civil intervention in other places, ”he said. The Chief Executive also took a position on the possibility of the National Congress advance proposals that authorize the use of cannabis for medical treatment. According to him, ‘it is ridiculous, in a country with so many problems, that people are wasting their strength to vote’ what he called ‘such crap’.

* With information from the reporter Antonio Maldonado