Bolsonaro says he will approve an electoral fund with R$ 4 billion, double that of 2020 – Prime Time Zone


Value represents a veto of R$ 2 billion of the amount that had been defined in a vote in Congress

BRUNO ROCHA/FRAME/ESTADÃO CONTENTIn conversation with supporters, the president stated that he will veto part of the amount so as not to commit a crime of fiscal responsibility

The president Jair Bolsonaro (no party) stated this Monday, 26, that he will approve the electoral fund for 2022 with R$ 4 billion, approximately double the value of last year’s municipal elections. In conversation with supporters, the president said that he will veto R$ 2 billion of the R$ 5.7 billion approved by Congress. “I’ll make one thing clear. The excess of what the law guarantees will be vetoed. The law […] nearly R$4 billion for the fund. The extra R$ 2 billion will be vetoed. If I veto what is in the law, I am subject to a crime of responsibility”, he said. Bolsonaro had previously signaled that he would not sanction the amount set by deputies and senators in the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) of 2022. Last week, the president said on Twitter that he would veto the increase “out of respect for the Brazilian people”. This position led Centrão leaders to articulate a “middle ground” for the fund, with a value between R$ 3 billion and R$ 4 billion.

The advance of the electoral fund to almost R$ 6 billion was approved by the Congress on the 15th of July, in one of the last movements before the parliamentary recess. The LDO, which defines the direction of the costs of the public machine, was sanctioned in the Chamber of Deputies by 278 votes to 145. In the Senate, the score went from 30 to 33. The approval was the target of criticism, mainly due to the participation of political representatives. in voting. The president even blamed the vice president of the Chamber, deputy Marcelo Ramos (PL-AM), who countered by saying that Bolsonaro “has no idea of ​​the position he holds.”