Bolsonaro says Lula articulates with party leaders against the printed vote – Prime Time Zone


According to the president, the PT member would be ‘allocating his future government’ in search of support

DIDA SAMPAIO/ESTADÃO CONTENTPresident guarantees that, without the auditable vote, the country will face what he calls ‘problems’ next year

The president Jair Bolsonaro believes that the resistance of several parties in supporting the proposal that creates the so-called auditable vote is related to the former president Lula. According to him, the PT is already dividing positions in search of support for the 2022 election. Despite polls indicating otherwise, Bolsonaro claims that Lula only wins if the election is rigged. The president guarantees that without the voto audit, the country will face what it calls “problems” next year. “Whatever the candidate is doing there, he is bringing together some party leaders already allocating his future government. Then the guys start working against the auditable vote. This guy only gets involved in fraud,” said the president, who accuses the minister Luis Roberto Barroso, President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), to participate in an articulation against the printed vote. In fact, the magistrate has participated in meetings with parliamentarians to, based on data, prove the security of the electronic voting system.

Bolsonaro, however, says he will bring together hackers to prove that electronic voting machines they can indeed be rigged. “Does he have to present evidence? I’ll do it if I want. I’m trying, we’ve already made contact with people who understand the subject, they are hackers, to make a public demonstration”, he said. The president also spoke, this Friday, 2, about the possession and possession of weapons in Brazil. According to him, the decrees that facilitated access to weapons in the country helped to discourage the invasion of land. For the president, the Brazilian citizen “must have a rifle”.

*With information from the reporter Antônio Maldonado