Bolsonaro says truck drivers will end protests on Sunday: ‘If it passes, we’ll have a supply problem’ – Prime Time Zone


President said that the movement of truck drivers was ‘fantastic’, but that demonstrations could have economic consequences

WALLACE MARTINS/FUTURA PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENTPresident praised the truckers’ movement

The president Jair Bolsonaro stated this Thursday, 9th, that the truck drivers informed that they must keep the protests until next Sunday. The Chief Executive met with some representatives of the category this afternoon. During his weekly live, Bolsonaro said he warned truckers that if the movement continues after Sunday, the states could face supply problems. “ANDstive this afternoon with 12 truck drivers. Fthey said they were going to keep the movement going until Sunday. It is their right”, he stated. “Fu very clear, if it goes on from sunday, monday or tuesday we will have a very serious supply problem. It influences the economy, increases inflation, and this turns against us, against them who made the movement and against me, who is the head of state”, he added. The president also praised the truck drivers’ attitude. “Fantastic what they did of their own free will. They moved around Brazil, gave a huge message to all of us, of all Powers. And what message did they give? That we must respect the Constitution”, he declared.

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