Boris Johnson fires ministers of education, justice and housing


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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The ministers of Education, Housing and Justice were today dismissed from the British Government as part of the remodeling that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, started, following several crises, such as the pandemic or the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Education Minister Gavin Williamson was, unsurprisingly, the first to confirm the departure, saying it was “a privilege to serve as Minister of Education since 2019”. “Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, I’m particularly proud of the transformational reforms that I conducted”, he wrote on the social network Twitter.

Widely criticized for the way it managed the cancellation of secondary education exams and the closure of schools during the covid-19 pandemic, it was one of those that had the most continuity in question.

Opposition Labor Party “shadow minister” Kate Green said Williamson leaves a legacy of “two years of chaos in exams and abandoned, unsupported and demoralized employees”.

Also fired were Justice Minister Robert Buckland and Housing Minister Robert Jenrick.

Dominic Raab, who has been under pressure since he was known to continue his holiday in Greece during the peak of the British withdrawal crisis from Afghanistan, lost the portfolio of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, passing to Justice.

Appointed by Johnson to replace him as head of government while he was hospitalized last April, Raab now has the official title of deputy prime minister.

In his place, the current Minister of International Trade, Liz Truss, who has stood out in the negotiation of post-Brexit agreements, so the transfer is considered by analysts as a promotion.

The Secretary of State for the Council of Ministers, Michael Gove, considered one of the most effective in the executive, is now responsible for the Housing portfolio.

Gove is one of the most experienced ministers in the Government, having in the past led the Education, Environment and Justice portfolios, so he will combine with the missions to achieve the “leveling of the country”, one of Johnson’s promises, and to maintain relations with the provinces of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Untouchables seem to be Interior Minister Priti Patel and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, two popular figures in the Conservative Party’s right wing.

Despite having been accused and found guilty of intimidate public officials and criticized for not being able to control the crossing of illegal immigrants in the English Channel, Patel has remained in the functions she has held since 2019.

Sunak, whose popularity rose during the pandemic due to measures to support the economy and workers, becoming a potential successor to Johnson, remains responsible for budget and fiscal policy.

After weeks of speculation about the imminent government reshuffle, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson today began a renewal of his ministers and executive members.

The last government reshuffle took place in February last year, after the UK formally exited the European Union (EU), but even then Boris Johnson kept most ministers in office since 2019 in their places.

Government source told the BBC that the reshuffle aims to form “a strong and united team” focused on recovering from the pandemic and “uniting and leveling the entire country”.

The team reconfiguration started this afternoon, after the prime minister’s weekly debate in the House of Commons with deputies, and is expected to continue in the coming days.

Last week, the Conservative Party leader denied that a move in the executive was a priority, having replied to journalists that “the population of the country is focused on the recovery of the [pandemia] of covid-19 ”.

In the British press, several commentators referred that the hesitation was mainly due to a question of Johnson’s character.

“One of the worst defects of a prime minister is the need to be appreciated and Boris Johnson has it in excess. He’s shocked when confronted by someone who thinks he’s no more than a lovable bunch of fun. That’s why you hate remodels. It means you have to make enemies,” explained Iain Dale in the Daily Telegraph.

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