Brazil receives a new shipment of vaccines from Pfizer with more than 500 thousand doses – Prime Time Zone


This is the third batch delivered in just one week, totaling 2.3 million in three days

Reproduction/Ministry of HealthNew batch was delivered this Thursday night

On Thursday night, 2, plus 527 thousand doses of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine arrived in Brazil. This is the third batch shipped this week alone. The other two contained 936,000 doses each and arrived on Tuesday, the 1st, and Wednesday. With that, in three days the country received 2.3 million units. The doses came from Miami and landed this Thursday night at the Viracopos Airport, in Campinas – SP. The amount will be transported to Guarulhos where it will be stored in the Distribution Center until the Ministry of Health deliver to the federations.

According to the Ministry, the doses received will undergo a count and will join the other shipments delivered this week. Only then will the folder meet with representatives of states and municipalities to send, in a proportional and equal manner, the doses of the immunizing agent. In a note published on its official website, the Ministry said it still needs to define how many of these batches will be destined for the first and second doses. A contract signed by the federal government and pharmaceutical company Pfizer provides for the delivery of 200 million doses of the immunizing agent by the end of the year.