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Guest of the ‘Positive Women’ program, Ícaro Miguel, 24, believes he will bring the gold medal from Tokyo to Brazil in 2021

Washington Alves/Brazilian Olympic CommitteeÍcaro Miguel has the dream of bringing gold medal to Brazil

The program “positive women“, gives Young pan, brings as a guest of the presenter Fabi Saad this Monday, 12, another TIM ambassador athlete who will represent Brazil in the 2021 Olympics: Icarus Michael, fighter of taekwondo. World runner-up, the 24-year-old from Minas Gerais overcomes the deficiency in his right eye and is going through his best phase, seeing on his trip to Tokyo the achievement of a dream and the translation of his resilience. “I dream of this medal,” he said. He lost sight in one eye at age six after a domestic accident, when his mother mistook a bottle of ammonia for boricada water and dripped the substance into his eye, causing extensive burns to the boy’s cornea and face. A few years after the incident, doctors proposed a corneal transplant for Icarus, but his parents decided that the young man would be responsible for opting or not for surgery in the future.

At age nine, he began his career as an athlete with the support of his parents. “For me, the solution for this blindness would be a corneal transplant, but I preferred not to do it and continue in the sport, because if I had the transplant, my career would have to be permanently interrupted”, he said. The decision not to opt for a corneal transplant in adulthood was the most difficult of his life, as the athlete had partially regained his eye vision in adolescence, but gradually lost it again when he was already an athlete. “I saw 80% and then my vision in a month, two months, I started to see 10%”, he recalled. Resilience is considered by him as an ally for the achievements he has already had in life.

The mother’s influence, who claimed that there is nothing difficult in life, was responsible for fueling the Olympic dream. “At the age of 10 I already claimed that I would be an Olympic champion. I’m not yet, but I’ve done my entire life to be able to achieve this and I believe we have the conditions”, he recalled. Ícaro’s father, who used to say that “nothing is impossible for those who dare to climb the heights”, also reinforced the dream. The routine in search of the medal is controlled with food, training and regulated schedules. The athlete trains four to five hours a day and needed to lose seven kilos to qualify for the games. He is engaged to Raiany Fidelis, who is also a taekwondo athlete, and they both rely on each other to motivate themselves in pursuit of the Olympic dream. She was one of Icarus’ main pillars in his adaptation period after choosing not to undergo a corneal transplant. “She was with me after training, doing what she needed to do for the day. Our relationship as an athlete, as a relationship, is really one of partnership”, he assessed. As an inspiring book, the athlete cites the work “Rich Dad and Poor Dad”, considering that entrepreneurship and a career in the world of sports are very connected. As an inspiring woman, he remembers all those around him, especially his sister, Brisa, who takes care of his nephew diagnosed with microcephaly. “I see the daily struggle she has,” he said.

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