Brazilians report rescheduling and closed location when trying to take second dose of vaccine on scheduled date – Prime Time Zone


Changes in the recommendation of the interval between applications and delays in the arrival of Covid-19 immunizers are factors that can change the dates

LUCAS NEVES / FRAMAR / ESTADÃO CONTENT – 12/04/2021 Patients report that they only discovered that they would not receive the second application when they arrived at the vaccination site

Elderly and health professionals have reported that they have failed to take the second dose vaccine against Covid-19 on the date it was scheduled, and they only discovered that information when they arrived at the immunization site. In addition to the frustration of not being able to close the vaccination schedule, individuals end up exposing themselves unnecessarily to the risk of contracting the coronavirus when traveling to the unit. Ana Maria, 25 years old, went to the Municipal PNI of Riacho das Almas, in State, on April 7, to receive the second dose of CoronaVac, vaccine manufactured by Butantan Institute. Upon arriving at the site, the dentist was informed by the nurse that the 10 doses of the container opened that day had already been distributed. “I showed my role in vaccination and the indignation about what happened. She rescheduled me for April 9th, ”he says. “On the 9th, I managed to take the second dose, but I saw people who were scheduled to receive the vaccine and were unable to. I believe it is more disorganized and irresponsible ”, he reports.

The same happened to Emilia, 63, who lives in the city of Sao Paulo. The health professional went to receive the second dose of the vaccine Oxford at UBS Vila Jacuí, on the east side of the capital, on April 13. When she arrived at the scene, she was informed that there were no more doses of the immunizer. Then, the application was rescheduled for May 5th. The first dose was administered in Emilia on 9 February. “I asked, ‘But are we going to have this vaccine by that date?’ They said yes. I asked again: ‘What if you don’t come?’. They replied that they were sure they would. I left a little frustrated, but I also understand that I am in a privileged situation in relation to many people ”, says the professional. “Returning home, I called the AMA Sítio da Casa Pintada, from the same region, and put the situation together. The answer was immediate: ‘They do have the Oxford vaccine, what happened was the mistake in scheduling. The correct date for the second dose is May 5, ”he says. This Friday, the 16th, a similar problem occurred with Dona Maria, 75 years old. The granddaughter went to take her grandmother to take the second dose of CoronaVac, but they found the vaccination site, at the Sports Gym Luís Eduardo Magalhães, in the city of Paulo Afonso, in Bahia, closed. “There was no one there. We had to ask at a nearby health clinic and they sent us back on Monday, but everything is very uncertain ”, reports the granddaughter.

Health secretariats blame changes in recommendation and delays in vaccine arrival

AT Young pan, the health departments explain that changes in the recommendation of the interval between applications and delays in the arrival of immunizers are some of the factors that can change the dates of vaccination. In Riacho das Almas, for example, the agency ensured that all health professionals who received the first dose had the second reserved. The problem, according to the folder, is that only one vial of the CoronaVac vaccine is being opened per day, with 10 doses of the immunizing agent being extracted from each container – that is, only 10 people can get the vaccine. Asked why more people came to the place on the 7th, the Secretariat explained that there may have been problems in scheduling, or that a person who contracted Covid-19 and therefore had to postpone the application, ended up appearing on the 7th , taking the dose reserved for Ana Maria. “We are receiving bottles with a presentation of 10 doses. Once opened, we can only use it for 8 hours, otherwise it must be discarded ”, explained the coordinator of the Municipal PNI of Riacho das Almas. “So, for a better use of the doses, there was a need to reschedule some professionals within the maximum deadline for the immunobiologicals to be scheduled,” he added.

According to the Municipal Health Department of São Paulo, the error occurred due to the change in the recommendation of the interval between doses of the Oxford vaccine. “The instructions at the time that the professional took the vaccine indicated that the second dose should occur between four and 12 weeks after the first dose, but there was a change,” said the SMS. Now, the recommendation is that the second dose of the Oxford immunizer be taken 12 weeks after the first application. The folder assured that Emilia’s vaccination will take place on May 5 and affirmed that there is no lack of immunobiological in the municipality. The Health Surveillance Secretariat of Paulo Afonso, in turn, said that there was no vaccination campaign in the city on the 16th and explained that, despite the date being scheduled as soon as the patient takes the first dose, the schedule is changed according to delivery of vaccines by the State. The folder instructed residents to follow the calendar on social media, as it is not viable to notify everyone. The information on this Friday the 16th is that received the second dose on Wednesday, 14, those who made the first application between 15 to 22 March. The next date has not yet been released.