Bus falls off a bluff and leaves 3 dead and 40 injured in Rio Claro – Prime Time Zone


Vehicle overturned on Washington Luís Highway; cause of the accident is still unknown

Disclosure/Road Police/07/18/2021Bus overturned on highway and left three dead at the site

A tour bus overturned when it fell off a cliff and left three people dead at the site this Sunday, 18. accident it happened around 12:30 pm at km 184 on the Washington Luís Highway, in clear river, interior of São Paulo. The information was released by the Highway Police of the region, which informed the Young pan that it is not possible to say the number of wounded because when the police arrived at the scene, some people had already been rescued. On the other hand, the Fire Department of the São Paulo State Military Police reported on Twitter that the accident left 40 victims, 37 of which were rescued by firefighters and by the Mobile Emergency Service (SAMU). The bus left São Paulo and was destined for Ceará. The cause of the accident is still unknown and the police are still there. The wounded were taken to hospitals in the region and the health status of these people has yet to be disclosed.