Carlos Bolsonaro responds to Lula and criticizes publication on Cuba – Prime Time Zone


Former president said the country’s problems will be solved by the Cubans and criticized the US economic embargo; councilor said the PT is ‘supporting the communist dictatorship’

Dida Sampaio/Estadão ContentCarlos Bolsonaro said the PT is “covering up the communist dictatorship”

the councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans) responded to a publication by former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) on the situation of Cuba this Tuesday, 13. The president’s son stated that the PT is “supporting the communist dictatorship as usual”. On your Twitter account, Lula he said that Cuba’s problems will be solved by the Cubans themselves and criticized the economic embargo of the USA to the country. “What is happening in Cuba that is so special that they talk so much?! There was a march. I even saw the president of Cuba at the march, talking to people. Cuba has already suffered 60 years of US economic blockade, even more so with the pandemic, it is inhumane,” he wrote. “People demonstrate. But you haven’t seen any soldier in Cuba with his knee on a black man’s neck, killing him… Cuba’s problems will be solved by the Cubans,” added Lula, who charged US President Joe Biden and said that if not were the blockade, Cuba “could be a Netherlands”. Carlos Bolsonaro, in turn, answered the former president on the social network. “There is nothing really special, Mr. ex-convict and ex-convict of corruption. The people are asking for freedom as usual, due to the misery and backwardness, they are being massacred as always, and the PT is covering up and supporting the communist dictatorship as usual!”, said the councilor.