Carmen Lúcia rejects Tolentino’s coercive driving suspension at CPI – Prime Time Zone


STF minister also denied a request for a lawyer not to testify to the Commission; hearing is scheduled for this Tuesday, 14

Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/Agência BrasilMinister Carmen Lúcia, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF)

To the minister Carmen Lucia, do Supreme Federal Court (STF), denied the lawyer’s request Marcos Tolentino not to testify to CPI to Covid-19. The magistrate also rejected Tolentino’s request for suspension of coercive driving in case of absence, which was approved by the Federal Court of Brasília. “The insistence without a legal basis to comply with the obligation imposed on it and the reiteration of questions does not innovate the request, does not confer a reason where it has no shelter, does not release the patient from attending calls made based on current legislation. Rather, it is an act of undue recalcitrance due to non-compliance with the call made by the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission”, said Cármen Lúcia in her decision. Tolentino’s testimony is scheduled for this Tuesday, 14. The lawyer is appointed as a ‘hidden partner’ of FIB Bank, a company involved in the alleged contracts signed between Need Medicines and the Ministry of Health.