Chamber of former British health minister’s office may have been manipulated


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UK Health Minister Matt Hancock

The video surveillance camera that caught Matt Hancock, former UK health minister, kissing his assistant Gina Coladangelo may have been deliberately altered to compromise the government official.

to the newspaper Eavening Standard, sources inside Whitehall allege that the camera was originally pointed outwards and have strong convictions that the image capture was done. deliberately.

It should be remembered that the building was undergoing refurbishment work.

The newspaper also writes that it was informed that the monitoring of the images captured was the responsibility of private construction contractors, responsible for the works and remodeling of the ministry, and not attributed to police or security from the government.

The British Ministry of Health was confronted with these allegations but declined to comment.

Matt Hancock resigned on Saturday after the The Sun having published images of a video captured by a security camera in which the former governor appears to kiss his counselor, Gina Coladangelo.

The proximity of both is a reflection of the disrespect for the rules to fight the covid-19 pandemic, which, at the time, required a physical distance between people from different households.

“We, who made the rules, have to comply with them and that’s why I have to resign”, said Hancock, in a video disclosed no Twitter. “The last thing I want is for my private life to withdraw attention” from efforts to end covid-19, he said in his resignation letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The British Government will investigate the information leakage which led to the resignation of the minister of health.

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