Charles Michel: We hope that you will fulfill your commitments in terms of reforms


The President of the Council of Europe, Charles Michel, is in Georgia. He is attending an international conference in Batumi, “EU Gravitational Force and Regional Transformation”.

During her stay in Georgia, Michelle focused on several topics. One of them is the appointment of judges, which has been widely criticized by the United States and the West. He called the appointment of judges a missed opportunity.

“My main message, the main message to all political parties is that the implementation of the April 19 agreement is the main guarantee that Georgia will pursue its democratic agenda in the interests of the country and its people. Consolidated progress on the rule of law through politics and justice is particularly important. “This reform is a key part of the agreement on April 19. It is a precondition for financial assistance. The rapid appointment of Supreme Court justices does not fully reflect the results of consultations with international partners as well as local stakeholders. It is a missed opportunity,” he said.

The President of the Council of Europe also spoke about the rights of minorities. He expressed concern over what was happening in Tbilisi on July 5-6. According to Michelle, during the meeting with Georgian officials, the rights of minorities were one of the issues she focused on behind closed doors.

“I have emphasized in my meetings that human rights and freedoms play a key role in EU-Georgia relations. Minority rights are not a marginal issue – respect for diversity and human dignity is paramount and also a key issue in our fundamental values. “, – noted Charles Michel.

Michel, who arrived in Batumi to discuss joint future plans for Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova, reiterated the EU’s support for the three countries. However, he added that on the road to the EU and NATO, all three countries must carry out reforms and remain committed to Western values.

“Today, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine have been independent for 30 years – one generation, with very strong progress and obstacles. One generation that determines the future and builds its own space on the basis of prosperity, cooperation – these common values ​​- and it has not been easy. In the conditions of this aggression, the European Union expresses its full solidarity …

We hope that you will fulfill your commitments in terms of reforms, not to the delight of Brussels, but in the interests of your own people and for the benefit of your community. “We all understand that human rights, equality, non-discrimination, small and medium enterprises, protection of the press are the values ​​that are the best guarantee for prosperity …”, – he said.

Besides Charles Michel, among the guests of the Batumi conference are the President of Moldova Maia Sandu and the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.