Charles Michelle plans to visit Georgia


According to Irakli Kobakhidze, the President of the EU Council Charles Michel will visit Georgia. The visit to Georgia is scheduled for July 19. Mediated by Charles Michel, the Georgian government and part of the opposition reached an agreement on April 19.

Irakli Kobakhidze states that “Georgian Dream” will provide information to the President of the European Council on July 5.

“In connection with July 5, we will provide full information to Charles Michel, what risks were expected, what risks were calculated, how the law enforcement agencies acted,” – said Irakli Kobakhidze.

Against this background, the ambassadors of 25 EU countries addressed a letter to the Government of Georgia regarding the events of July 5 and beyond. The letter said that the violence “casts a shadow over EU-Georgia relations and the image of Georgia as a fundamental human rights defender.”

“We regret that the authorities have not publicly called for the protection of those who peacefully celebrated the Pride-related events; nor have they taken any other necessary measures to prevent or suppress hate speech. “It was being done,” the ambassadors said.

They call on the Georgian government to quickly investigate the violence.

“Given this background, we urge you to take immediate further steps and take appropriate political and legal action. “All violent incidents and criminal acts must be investigated effectively and promptly and properly punished, in full accordance with the law,” the letter reads.

In their letter, the EU ambassadors to Georgia also mentioned the burning of the EU flag and said that it was alarming.

“This flag symbolizes the fundamental values ​​on which the EU and EU-Georgia relations are based. “Twice attacking the flag is a direct attack on Georgia’s democratic and pro-European aspirations,” they said.

More than 50 journalists were injured in the events of July 5, and for several hours radical groups searched the streets of Tbilisi for activists and ransacked the offices of Tbilisi Pride and Shame. Journalist Lekso Lashkarava, who was attacked by about 20 people on July 5, died on duty 5 days after the incident.