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Through the bank’s app, you can pay your bills, invest for different purposes, transfer resources and accumulate points in rewards programs

vectorpocket – br.freepik.comIn digital accounts, the client solves practically everything he needs directly through the application, without the need to travel to a branch

Who wants to open a digital account you may often not know which one to choose. How to ensure that the money will be safe? And whoever wants to invest, will he have the necessary support? Thinking about the type of person who does not give up having all the facilities to use products and services over the internet — but without losing security and personalized service —, Harvest created your digital account. In it, the customer gains all the benefits of a complete checking account, with access to the portfolio of investments Harvest and expert advice, direct by cell phone. In addition to credit card, bill payment, transfers and easy access to personal loans, he also has a complete investment portfolio at his disposal, with specialists accessible throughout the allocation process. The procedure takes place directly by the application of the Harvest. Basically, you just need to fill in your details, send a photo of the document (RG or CNH) and take a selfie. Check out the guide below for answers to some of the main questions involving the bank’s digital account:

What is a digital account?

They are like ordinary checking accounts, opened at the bank branch. With them, it is possible to have access to the same services, such as payments, transfers and financing. However, with digital accounts, the client solves practically everything he needs directly through the application, without the need to travel to a branch.

How to use the digital account

To use the digital account, you need to open the Apple Store or Play Store and download the app from Harvest. Then the customer must follow the step by step for opening an account. Then, just see the tutorials available in the app itself, which will show you how to carry out the main transactions. The app was developed with user usability in mind and can be easily navigated by all customers.

Is it a checking or savings account?

The digital account of Harvest it is a checking account. In other words, those who purchase this product have access to debit and credit cards, personal loans, transfers, payments, vehicle financing, currency exchange and many other functions. The complete investment portfolio available, which has more profitable options than savings, is also released. For those who prefer to have support when allocating resources, the digital account provides investment specialists ready to assist in the process.

Is digital account secure?

Who joins the digital account of Harvest has all the benefits of a regular checking account, including security. The bank offers several exclusive investments, a brand with more than 175 years of tradition, as well as products covered by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC). Also, the app has all the latest data security updates. O Harvest requires password registration and biometrics, which are required before all transactions.

Advantages of Safra’s digital account

The investment specialists at Harvest they are willing to help each client to understand what their investor profile is and what the best products are. In addition to investing, the client can also pay, transfer, transact through the PIX, finance vehicles, exchange reais for other currencies, take out insurance and salary portability. It is also worth mentioning the access, for credit card eligible customers, to the rewards program Safra Rewards. With it, Safra customers are entitled to a curatorship of exclusive and carefully selected experiences and products. The credit card also features Visa Concierge, a personal assistant available 24 hours a day. Through it, it is possible:

  • Book flights, hotels and tourist attractions;
  • Request delivery of emergency messages;
  • Buy and send flowers, baskets and gifts, and more!

How to open a digital account

Just download the app from Harvest and register (click ON HERE to register). From there, the future customer will have to fill in some information, all online and in an intuitive way. Then, just follow the progress of the process by cell phone.