Friday, February 26, 2021

China bans BBC. UK denounces “attack” on freedom


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The Chinese audiovisual regulatory authority announced on Thursday that it had banned the broadcast of BBC World News, as it considers that the contents of the international television chain have “seriously” violated the laws in force in the country.

In a statement, the authority considers that the television network, which broadcasts without interruption, disrespects the principle by which “the information must be truthful and fair”, and “are not offenses against China’s national interests”. Consequently, the entity “does not authorize the BBC to continue issuing in China “.

In an almost immediate reaction, the British public audiovisual group was “disappointed” by the decision of the Chinese authorities. “We are disappointed that the Chinese authorities have decided to take this step,” said a spokesman for the BBC.

“A BBC is the diffuser of information most reliable in the world. It addresses issues from around the world honestly, impartially and without fear or favor ”, maintained the spokesman for the British chain.

The British Foreign Minister, Dominic Raab, denounced what he considers to be a “Unacceptable attack on press freedom”.

“China’s decision to ban the BBC World News in mainland China it is an unacceptable restriction on press freedom. China has some of the toughest restrictions on press and internet freedom in the world, and the latter decision will only damage China’s reputation in the eyes of the world, ”he said in a statement.

The ban comes after the BBC have broadcast a report with poignant reports of torture and sexual violence against Uighur women in Chinese internment camps.

In addition, the British press regulator decided to revoke the broadcasting license of the CGTN, claiming that China’s public news channel is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, something you omitted when applying for a license.

Last week, the United Kingdom expelled three Chinese spies who had lived in the country for several months and pretended to be journalists.

The spies claimed to work as “journalists for various Chinese news agencies”, but were at the service of the Ministry of State Security. “Their real identity was discovered by MI5 – the British homeland security services – so they were expelled from the country,” added a British government source.

Washington “absolutely condemns” decision

The United States condemned this Thursday the ban on the broadcasting of BBC World News in China and called on Beijing to promote “press freedom”.

We absolutely condemn the decision of the People’s Republic of China, ”said US diplomacy spokesman Ned Price. “We call on the People’s Republic of China and other nations that exercise authoritarian control over their people to allow unrestricted access to the Internet and freedom of the press.”

According to Price, the “information space” in China is “one of the more controlled, one of the more oppressors and one of the least free in the world ”.

The spokesman said it was “disturbing” that Chinese leaders “would use the environment of freedom and openness for the media abroad to promote misinformation”While imposing “Restrictions” internally.


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China bans BBC.  UK denounces "attack" on freedom