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China. PCC bets on internal technology and repression in Hong Kong


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President of China, Xi Jinping

China’s consultative and legislative bodies will meet starting this Thursday and approve the directives of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is betting on policies that make the country less dependent on the outside, both in exports and in technology.

In the 2020 sessions, he recalled the Daily News, China established the national security law in Hong Kong, calling into question the partial autonomy of the territory. In less than a year, external tensions and rivalry with other countries have increased, with its two meetings serving to affirm the CCP’s internal policies.

For Zuo Xiaolei, an economist from Beijing, China is moving from the manufacture of lower-value goods to “technological intensity”, said Zuo Xiaolei, an economist from Beijing. Li-Gang Liu, an economist at Citigroup, said that the country “is moving from fighting the coronavirus to returning to long-term development goals.”

Industry Minister Xiao Yaqing believes that China needs to develop an “independent and controllable” supply chain, such as integrated circuits, next-generation telecommunications and electric cars. The country needs to “accelerate the development of the digital economy,” he added.

The 14th five-year plan, to be approved in these two sessions, will bet on the mutual reinforcement of the internal and external markets, with a focus on the first. On Friday, Prime Minister Li Keqiang will announce the annual growth target. After 2.3% growth last year, analysts say it could set the bar at 7%.

Hong Kong Justice Activists Exhausted

The Hong Kong court, which is listening to the 47 pro-democracy politicians and activists accused on Sunday of “conspiring to commit subversion” to decide whether to keep them in jail or release on bail, extended hearings for the fourth consecutive day, leading many to exhaustion and some to the hospital, revealed on Wednesday the Public.

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Joshua Wong

The defendants suffer from sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, long hours of testimony, continuing in the same clothes they wore on the day they presented themselves to the authorities. Among those transported to the hospital is 64-year-old former deputy Leung Kwok-hung, who suffers from a heart problem.

The duration of this preliminary phase of the process is related to the new national security law, in which it is established that, in crimes of secession, subversion, terrorism and conspiracy with hostile foreign power, it is up to the accused to prove that they are not a criminal offense. threat and that they can wait for the trial in freedom, paying a bail.

“We never saw any of this. Usually [esta fase] it is very fast. Is weird. This is a test of what is going to start happening in Hong Kong ”, lamented the Consul General of the Republic of Ireland in Hong Kong, David Costello, quoted by Reuters.

“What is happening in the court is a political purge and an act. Highly recognized in the past, the Hong Kong judicial system has been hijacked and used to advertise, ”said Hong Kong Democracy Council think tank director Samuel Chu to the New York Times.

Among the defendants – 39 men and eight women, aged between 23 and 64 – are former deputies Eddie Chu and Alvin Yeung, activists Joshua Wong, Owen Chow, Benny Tai and Lester Shum, who can be tried in the Mainland China and face a condemnation that, in the worst case scenario, could lead toup to life imprisonment.

The accusation is based on his involvement in organizing the July 2020 pro-democracy movement’s primary elections to choose candidates for parliament, postponed to September 2021.

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