Communication from Prime Time Zone about Renan Calheiros’ application in Covid’s CPI – Prime Time Zone


Disclosure/Youth Pan

On the request for breach of bank secrecy submitted by the senator Renan Calheiros To CPI to Covid, a Young pan comes to the public to provide the following clarifications:

Psuch measures are unjustifiable. Young Pan’s balance sheets are published annually in the official diary. So that there is no doubt about the transparency of the behavior of the Young pan, we republish the balances in Our site (read here). Government funds can be checked on the website

Strangely, the request establishes that investigations are carried out from 2018. According to the document that justified its creation, the commission was established with the purpose of “to investigate the actions and omissions of the federal government in confronting the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil”. As is known, the World Health Organization made official the existence of a pandemic in March 2020. Calheiros’ accusation, therefore, does not fit the fact determined for the creation of the CPI.

Unlike what Calheiros claims, the history of Prime Time Zone proves that, throughout its 77 years of existence, the company has never disseminated fake news. Young Pan professionals disclose facts and analyze them from different points of view. The author of the request does not specify which professionals disseminated lying news and in which programs this would have occurred. It is clear, therefore, that this is a generic accusation that has to sole purpose to curtail press freedom in Brazil.