Compulsory vaccinations in Greece


Covid-19 vaccination regulations are being tightened in Greece. Vaccination has become mandatory for health system and nursing home staff this week. Those who are not vaccinated at Covid-19 will not be able to work in the health care system or in nursing homes and will not receive a salary.

The fine for violators of the regulation was set at 50,000 euros. The deadline for receiving the first dose was set for August 16. Hospitals and diagnostic centers – September 1.

The government has also allowed public and private sector services to require employees to be vaccinated. In addition, it was announced on Tuesday that unauthorized people will no longer be allowed indoors in restaurants and bars. The new regulation does not apply to open spaces. The ban will also apply to nightclubs, cinemas, theaters and concert halls.

The government cites rising rates of infection and the threat of the delta option as the reason. The government wants to make the economy as safe as possible during the summer season. “The course of the Greek economy now depends on how well we take these measures and control the pandemic,” Adonis Georgiadis, the country’s development minister, told a news conference.

3,109 new cases of infection were revealed in Greece on Tuesday. Such data were not available in the country for the last time 3 months ago, after the beginning of April. The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Greece is up to half a million, with complications of Covid-19 killing up to 13 thousand people.

Today, 41% of Greeks are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Tourists arriving in Greece will be required to submit a vaccination certificate or a “negative” PCR test. The government has introduced an application called COVID FREE GR, which can digitally scan vaccination certificates and test answers in Europe.