Covid-19: Twenty-five Brazilian capitals have ICU occupancy equal to or above 80% – Prime Time Zone


Data were released by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) on Monday; of all Brazilian capitals, only Belém and Maceió have numbers below 80%

Marcello Casal Junior / Agência BrasilOccupation refers to beds provided by the public health network

A survey released by Oswaldo Cruz Foundation this Tuesday, 9, shows that 25 Brazilian capitals have occupation of public beds of UTI aimed at adults with Covid-19 above 80%, a level considered critical in the country. Of these 25, 15 have more than 90%: Campo Grande (106%); Porto Alegre (102%); Porto Velho (100%); Rio Branco (99%); Goiânia (98%); Teresina (98%); Florianópolis (97%); Brasília (97%); Curitiba (96%); Fortaleza (96%); Christmas (96%); Cuiabá (96%); Palms (95%); São Luís (94%) and Rio de Janeiro (93%). “Municipalities and states already close or in a situation of collapse should adopt more stringent measures: restriction of circulation and non-essential activities, reinforcement of primary care and surveillance actions, which include timely testing of suspected cases and their contacts,” says a note released by Fiocruz.

The states with occupation between 90% and 80% are Macapá (90%); Manaus (87%) João Pessoa (87%); Aracajú (86%); Recife (85%); Salvador (85%); Belo Horizonte (85%); São Paulo (82%); Boa Vista (80%) and Vitória (80%). The cities of Belém and Maceió are the only ones that are below 80%, respectively with 75% and 73%. According to the historical series of bed occupation of capitals computed by Fiocruz since July 2020, this is the moment when more capitals have been critical of bed occupation. Since March 1st, there has not been a low level of bed occupancy. So far, according to data from the Ministry of Health, the country has 9.8 million confirmed cases and 268,370 deaths from the disease.