Covid-19’s CPI asks for coercive conduction of a lobbyist by Precise – Prime Time Zone


Marconny Albernaz Faria’s testimony was supposed to begin at 9:30 am, but he did not appear in the Senate; Legislative Police try to find him

Edilson Rodrigues/Senate AgencyCovid-19 CPI Summit analyzes documents in the commission’s plenary

A CPI to Covid-19 triggered the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and asked, on the morning of Thursday, 2, the coercive conduct “with utmost urgency” of Marconny Albernaz Faria, appointed as the lobbyist of the Need Medicines near to Ministry of Health. According to the petition, Faria “tried in every way to avoid receiving the instrument of convocation”. In the request, the Senate Advocacy also recalls that the injunction granted in favor of the deponent last Wednesday night, 1st, did not release him from appearing at the commission. In addition, at the request of the commission’s chairman, Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), the Senate Legislative Police is already on the streets to try to find the deponent and bring him under the court to the Senate – the administrative measure may occur because the CPI has police powers. The deposition was scheduled for this morning (9:30 am), but the deponent has not yet appeared. “If we are unable to locate him to take him to the deposition, I will request preventive detention,” the vice president of the collegiate, Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP) told reporters. The congressman also stated that Marconny is “the master of all lobbies” and is present in all schemes within the Ministry of Health.

Even though he is located, Marconny is supported by a habeas corpus granted by the minister Carmen Lucia, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which guaranteed him the right to silence on questions that could incriminate him. As Young Pan showed, the deponent is involved in the “fraud architecture” of a bid to purchase Covid-19 tests to benefit Precise. The exchange of messages involved the owner of the company, Francisco Maximiano, Marconny, the former director of an agency linked to Anvisa José Ricardo Santana and the former director of Logistics at the Ministry of Health Roberto Ferreira Dias.

Marconny Faria tried not to appear at the commission, presenting a medical certificate for “pelvic pain” signed by a professional who works at the Sírio Libanês hospital – questioned by the senators, the doctor said he noticed a “simulation” on the part of the patient and said he would stop the effect of the report. In a petition sent to the STF, Marconny Faria’s defense states that “with regard to the discussion as to the validity or not of the medical certificate issued in favor of the patient, it is noteworthy that, since returning from the previously scheduled trip, the patron had difficulties to contact his client, and the medical certificate was presented to this Defense as the justification”. Attorney William de Araújo Falcomer also asks that his client’s condition of being investigated be recognized and that, if Faria is required to appear in the Senate, the senators of the CPI of Covid-19 are prevented from “continuing the interrogation, or continuing to consign questions, since such conduct would give rise to the practice of the offense provided for in Law no. 13,869”, which deals with abuse of authority.

‘Plano B’

The priority of Covid-19’s CPI summit is to listen to lobbyist Marconny Faria, but there is a plan B: the former Health Secretary of the Federal District Francisco Araújo Filho, arrested in the scope of Operation Falso Negativo, who found overpricing in the purchase of coronavirus tests, is on the Senate premises and can be heard by the committee.