Covid-19’s CPI concludes statements this Thursday with former physician and client of Prevent Senior – Prime Time Zone


Commission investigates use of ‘covid kit’ against new coronavirus to treat patients; final report due October 15; vote of senators is scheduled for the 19th

Edilson Rodrigues/Senate AgencyPresident of the CPI, Omar Aziz, and rapporteur Renan Calheiros

A CPI to Covid-19 concludes the hearing of testimonies this Thursday, 07, listening to the doctor Valter Correio de Souza Neto, former employee of Prevent Senior and one of the professionals who denounced the operator for promoting the use of the ‘covid kit’, with drugs without proven efficacy against the new coronavirus for the treatment of patients. With a habeas corpus granted by Minister Gilmar Mendes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), the deponent may remain silent in the incriminating questions. The defense claims that the doctor has been threatened. At the same session, Tadeu Frederico de Andrade, beneficiary of Prevent Senior, should also be heard. The report is due on October 15th and the vote of the senators is scheduled for the 19th.

Last Wednesday, 06, the rapporteur of the commission, the senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), included the president of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), Mauro Luiz Ribeiro, on the commission’s list of investigated “For supporting denial, for the way he supported the prescription of ineffective medicines and publicly defended them, and for his omission in the face of evidently criminal facts,” said Calheiros. In a statement, the president of the CFM said he was not surprised with the inclusion of his name among those investigated and that the CPI creates fallacious narratives. According to Ribeiro, the commission became a media stage and ensured that it maintains its convictions in favor of the physician’s autonomy. Calheiros also turned the journalist into investigated Allan dos Santos, the entrepreneur Otávio Fakhoury, the director of Need Medicines Danilo Trento and the alleged hidden partner of FIB Bank, Marcos Tolentino. The list adds up to 37 names, but can reach 50 investigated.

Also on Wednesday, the CPI heard the direct from the National Health Agency (YEARS), Paulo Rebello Filho, which promised a rigorous investigation against Prevent Senior, accused of hiding the deaths of patients and pressuring doctors to prescribe drugs from the covid kit. “Since there is, on the part of the operated, any kind of pressure for him to prescribe or that medication, then the agency must intervene, so much so that we have already done it after reports here from the CPI. The operator has already been opened and fined, so much so that it is in the condition of being investigated. And there are two investigation records issued against the operator as a result of this conduct”. Regarding the complaints against Prevent Senios, Paulo Rebello informed the numbers, but avoided giving details. “Among 730 healthcare providers, Prevent Senior is ranked 29th in number of complaints,” he pointed out.

The Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo (ALESP) postponed the vote to open the CPI of Prevent Senior after the obstruction of several contrary parliamentarians, but will make a new attempt this Thursday, 07. The City Council of the city of São Paulo installs the local commission to investigate the operator today. The task force of the Public Ministry of São Paulo (MPSP) heard yesterday the executive of Prevent, Pedro Benedito Batista Junior about the company’s performance in the treatment of patients with Covid-19. To prosecutors, Batista denied wrongdoing.

*With information from reporter João Vitor Rocha