“Cowardice, deceit, perversion”. French military attack Macron again


Stephane Mahe / EPA

French President Emmanuel Macron

New open letter warns of the danger of civil war in France. “It is about the survival of our country, of your country”, write the signatories.

The military, who three weeks ago signed an open letter to warn political leaders about the risks of a “civil war” in France, has re-published a new letter in which they accuse the government led by Emmanuel Macron of “cowardice”.

The letter was published in the right-wing magazine Current values and by Monday afternoon it had more than 150 thousand signatories.

“Cowardice, deception, perversion. This is not our view of the hierarchy. On the contrary, the army is, par excellence, the place where we speak the truth to each other, to whom we commit our lives. It is this confidence in the military institution that we appeal to, ”the letter reads.

“Act, ladies and gentlemen. This time, it is not about the search for easy emotion, formulas made or media coverage. It is not a question of extending your terms or winning new ones. It is about the survival of our country, of your country ”, write the authors of the text, addressed to the President of the Republic, members of the government, deputies and the heads of the armed forces.

However, the authors preferred to remain anonymous, which is justified by the fact that they have recently entered the military career, writes Público.

The first published letter was reported by the Macron Government and the left-wing parties, with the exception of the extreme right, the Marine Le Pen party.

About three weeks ago, the Minister of Defense, Florence Parly, he even asked for the letter’s authors to be subject to sanctions. “These actions are unacceptable … Of course, there will be consequences,” said the minister.

However, the second letter countered threats of punishment and launched a total attack on the Government, accusing it of “running over” veterans honor and “tarnish” your reputation.

“To discuss the shape of our elders’ tribune instead of recognizing the evidence of their discoveries, one must be a coward. In order to invoke a misinterpreted reserve duty with the aim of silencing French citizens, one must be very misleading. To encourage senior army officers to take a stand and expose themselves, before punishing them fiercely as soon as they write something other than battle reports, one must be quite perverse, ”write the military, in a direct criticism of Emmanuel Macron and to your executive.

As in the first letter, the signatories warn of the imminent danger of violent conflict and, once again, Islam is the chosen target.

The answer to the second did not take long, through the voice of the Minister of the Interior. “Is that the courage, to be anonymous?” Gérald Darmanin in statements to BFM-TV.

The new military letter was also condemned by François Hollande, former President of the Republic.

“It is worrying that the Current values Make a petition without signatures, that is, without knowing who makes these accusations and defends this line of thought, “he told France Inter.