Datafolha shows that 38% of Brazilians rate the Congress’s performance as bad or terrible – Prime Time Zone


A survey was carried out between the 7th and 8th of July and shows that most of the population considers the work of parliamentarians as regular

EBCOnly 14% of the population approves the activity of parliamentarians

A survey of the Datafolha Institute held between the 7th and 8th of July show that 38% of Brazilians evaluate the performance of the National Congress as bad or lousy. According to the survey, the majority of the population, 43%, consider the work of parliamentarians as regular, while 14% classify it as good or excellent. About 5% of respondents were unable to give their opinion. The numbers obtained are similar to those of the survey carried out in August 2020, when 43% indicated the work as regular, 37% as bad/very bad and 17% as excellent or good. The same survey shows that 24% evaluate the work of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) as good or great. In all, 2,074 people were heard in person in 146 municipalities across Brazil and the margin of error is two percentage points.